Frontrow Health

A platform to elevate your brand to empower both patients & practitioners.
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Client: Frontrow Health Industry: Consumer Health & Healthcare Role: Product Designer and Front-End Developer Duration: 3 months Tools Used: Ruby on Rails, React Native, Figma, HTML, CSS (TailwindCSS) Website:

Project Brief

Frontrow Health aims to revolutionize consumer health by allowing users to monetize personal healthcare data and shop for personalized home health products vetted by real doctors. The platform facilitates a doctor-assisted shopping experience, offering doctors additional revenue opportunities through patient onboarding and product reviews. The main goal was to create an MVP tested with users to validate proposed interactions. To meet the project goals, the team initiated a multi-week Product Design Sprint.


  • Conducting user interviews to uncover audience needs and workflows.
  • Prioritizing features into Beta, MVP, and Post-Launch categories.
  • Deliver the product within a tight timeline.

Design & Development

During the product design phase, I used Figma to create wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes to create a clean, user-friendly interface that aligns with Frontrow Health’s brand. Since Frontrow is a burgeoning new brand, the designers on the team could be creative with visual style. I sought feedback from the client to ensure the prototypes conveyed the brand’s mood and aesthetic. Interactive prototypes were also developed to demonstrate functionality and gather user feedback, ensuring the design met user needs and expectations.

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React on the front end provided a responsive and intuitive experience for the platform’s developers and users. The developers integrated the main application with the product recommendation algorithm and ensured seamless data management and interaction between consumers, doctors, and healthcare companies.

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Impact and Results

Our efforts resulted in the successful launch of the MVP on time and within budget. We also provided continued support for the Beta launch and ongoing feature development, iterating on the initial work. This enabled Frontrow Health to launch a robust, user-centric healthcare platform that significantly enhanced user engagement and satisfaction through agile design and development. This positioned the company for future growth and innovation in the consumer healthcare market.